WHEN I was first diagnosed, I was floored. I mean totally and completely destroyed by the news. But I didn’t really let on to anyone, mostly because that’s when everything started for me. My mind started working very quickly. I began to calculate in my head various scenarios and calculate my options — not that there were many — but my mind was working quickly as I said. I don’t remember if that’s when I made my pact with God, or if it just began at first as an unspoken arrangement of mental respect. But then I went into major beast mode. I put my tunnel glasses on then, and it was full speed ahead for me. And I never looked back.

When I say I never looked back, I truly never did. I didn’t even realize it until I began to write my book. The more I wrote, the more I realized I had never, and I mean up until that very minute had never looked back and that was tough. Towards the middle of the book was when I remembered my promise to GOD. I think it was just the right time. It was meant to be. You see, I promised God that if I could raise my children, that I would help other women get that opportunity to raise their children as I did mine.

So now I’m on a mission from God I suppose, as crazy as that may sound to some, to help women in any way that I can and, most importantly, to keep them from dying so they can live another day and raise their children as I did. This has not been an easy task for me thus far. I have written letters that have gone unanswered. I have campaigned and practically gone door to door, and it’s been a lot of work with not a lot to show for it, but I am not giving up. So my speaking platform is now going to center on helping these women, and I promise you all, I will help them, and I will keep my promise to God!! If anyone would like to help me or contribute in any way, please contact me through this website. It would be much appreciated.