Women need to follow their instincts and advocate for themselves when it comes to their own bodies and healthcare. We need to turn back the archaic notions of the past and empower ourselves and our daughters to listen to our bodies and end all shame.

We are going to educate our doctors to listen at least the first 5 minutes of an exam. If we can get doctors to really hear the problems, I believe that we can save millions of dollars in insurance monies and save patients from needless pill-popping and surgeries. More preventive medicine can keep women from DYING. This is a simple thing to do. I believe it will help many women and You can spread the word or just simply advocate for yourself or tell your daughters. In time, that will multiply. My promise will be kept.

An important note: I am in no way saying doctors’ opinions don’t matter because without my doctors I wouldn’t be alive today. But if I hadn’t advocated for myself, I also wouldn’t be alive today. And that’s A FACT.